Equilribropathy Exercise 3


Basic Posture for the Exercise:

Sit firmly on a chair or stool, which should be lower than your knee level. Sit near the front edge so that the thighs are free from the edge.

Keep your knees apart at the same distance as your shoulder width. Keep your legs straight down at the right-angle (90 degree) to the floor.

Keep both feet flat and firm on the floor, the feet parallel and point straight forward.

Always keep your body and the spinal column straighten up by pulling your abdominal muscles in while pulling shoulder blades to meet together at the midline of your back. Also, keep drawing your chin backward with your face looking straightforward.

The hands rest on your thighs, close to the body, keep the palms opened and facing up.

Breathe in and out slowly and deeply through your nose, without making any noise. Aim the breath deep down to below the navel, with the abdomen always staying in and the chest expanded mainly upward and forward.

Start with the Basic Posture (as stated above).

Stretch: Extend and stretch the left arm forward fully while inhale deeply into your chest, keeping the elbow straight, the wrist flexed so that the hand point up 90 degrees to arm, palms faced forward. Maintain the Basic Posture of chin in, shoulder blades together and abdomen in.

Relax: Relax and exhale while extend the right arm forward, place the palm and fingers across the three middle fingers of the left hand. Swallow.

Stretch: Inhale deeply into the chest and while pulling the right hand on the three middle fingers of the left hand back towards the body while the left arm pushes forward. Be sure that the left arm is flexed at the wrist only. Check on chin, shoulder blades and abdomen, anus is squeezed.

Relax: Release and exhale, return the right hand back to thigh, close to the upper body. Left arm keeps stretched, hand upright and fingers spread apart. Relax and swallow.
Stretch: Inhale deeply while keeping fingers spread to the maximum, and flexing the wrist downward to the maximum extent. Wriggle middle three fingers, one by one.

Relaxed: Exhale and relax slowly while bringing the left hand back to the thigh. Swallow.

REPEAT the exercise for the opposite hand.


REPEAT the whole sequence by alternating arms, at least 5 times on each side. Keep checking your posture (Chin in, shoulder blades meet, chest stretched, abdomen in)

I thank Dr Taworn for introducing me to these exercises that he developed.