Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy with with Philip Waldman D.O. FSSCO, Registered Osteopath and Cranial Osteopath at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Road, SW10 and in Brighton and Hove, BN3.

philip waldman registered osteopath and cranial osteopath at chelsea natural healthCranial Osteopathy is a technique within the family of osteopathic techniques, but at the same time a distinct approach. Soft, flexible tissues with good fluid flow and drainage are necessary for health, whether it be a muscle or an organ. By using very gentle techniques, Cranial Osteopaths are able to palpate the subtle changes in the tissues of the body and the fluids passing through them. We can identify areas of tightness, injury, trauma and congestion and then use techniques to free off the tissues and improve fluid flow, aiding healing and restoring health. We work with the body and it's tissues to promote health and facilitate healing.

Although Cranial Osteopathy is most often associated with the treatment of babies and infants (see below), it is a technique that can be used on any patient. I work as an Osteopath and a Cranial Osteopath and find that a combined approach can often be more effective than using just one technique.philip waldman cranial osteopath chelsea sw10

The training to be a Cranial Osteopath is demanding. I was fortunate to be offered 3 years of training whilst at College (as part of a scheme to integrate cranial osteopathic training into pre-grad training). Due to my extensive additional study and training over many years I have been admitted as a Fellow of the Sutherland Cranial College, which is widely regarded as the highest standing within the Cranial Osteopathic field.


Babies can be suffer tension in their muscles and tissues that affect them in many different ways.  If they have tension in their necks and shoulders, they may have difficulty feeding and want to sleep with their heads turned to the same side all the time (this can lead to Flat Head Syndrome). This tension can also contributed to problems with their digestion.  By helping ease and balance these tensions Cranial Osteopathy can help relax and soothe babies as well as encouraging freer movement.  I give parents advice on things they can do to help, such a teaching them baby massage techniques specific to their baby's needs.


Young children present with a wide variety of common conditions such as muscular aches and pains and digestive issues. Using Cranial osteopathy I am to help improve their heath and well-being.  Treatment is supported by advice, support and such things as remedial exercises.


By the time children are teenagers they are typically spending more time play sport and studying.  These activities bring with them their own set of demands and can lead to postural problems and sports injuries.  They will also go through growth spurts and can suffer growing pains.

Cranial Osteopathy
Ante and Post-natal care and treatment of babies and children with Philip Waldman D.O. FSSCO, Registered Osteopath and Cranial Osteopath at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Road, SW10.

The health of expectant mothers and new born babies is an area about which I am very passionate. Osteopathy has a huge amount to contribute. A woman's body changes during pregnancy.  Those changes  include softening of ligaments, weight increased and postural changes. This can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body, including the spine and pelvis.  Recent studies have show the true benefit of ante-natal care in that the labours can be shorter, less traumatic and less likely to need interventions. This benefits both mother and child. At my practice I have been treating pregnant women and new born children for many years and feel that I have much to offer. I work alongside other practitioners, both at Chelsea Natural Health and elsewhere to provide a co-ordinate approach at these important times. I whole-heartedly believe in the benefits natural childbirth techniques, active childbirth, optimal foetal positioning (getting the un-born child in the right position in the womb so as to aid its passage through the birth canal) and in the benefits of pregnancy yoga. I also advocate pregnancy massage and reflexology amongst other additional therapies.  Babies' skeletons are softer than adult's and osteopaths will therefore use gentler techniques such as cranial osteopathy when treating babies.

If you'd like more information about Flat Head Syndrome, please visit this page.

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